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South Coast of New South Wales.

Bachelor of Marine Science, Wollongong.

What keeps you going?
My passion for aquaculture, seafood and oysters.

Favourite cheap eat?
Akiba in ACT – they have great value sashimi, oysters and dumplings plus awesome cocktails and atmosphere.

Favourite thing about the South Coast?
My oysters! No really – it’s a great location with a beautiful coastline and a great place to live. I love being so close to major cities where I can go eat at incredible restaurants (some of which serve my oysters!).

How did Signature Oysters come about and why is this initiative so important for the development of our local oyster industry?
Signature Oysters came out of a collaboration with my business partner Mick Daw. I had been supplying my best oysters direct from my farm to restaurants for several years, but was frustrated by not being able to consistently supply top quality oysters to chefs all year round. With Mick’s help we recruited the best oyster farmers in every growing region in Australia so that we can supply the best oysters from anywhere around the country every single day.

With Signature Oysters, we wanted to create a new path to market that maintains the integrity and quality of our oysters, delivers a better oyster experience to diners and provides sustainable farm gate prices to our farmers.

Where do Signature Oysters come from?
Everywhere! We supply oysters from every growing region in the country, including Bruny Island in Tasmania, Denial Bay in South Australia, Moreton Bay in Queensland and the Northern and Southern coasts in New South Wales.

We supply Sydney Rock, Pacific and Angasi Oysters, and we are even in talks with the only farmer of Tropical Oysters in far North Queensland. Stay tuned for more details.

How do the farmers benefit from selling their best product under the Signature Oysters brand?
Signature Oysters rewards farmers who grow great quality oysters with much better farm prices. They also get direct access to restaurants all over Australia, allowing them to showcase their oysters and build a profile in the eyes of Australia’s top chefs.

Is an oyster just an oyster, or is there variation in the taste of oysters from around Australia?
Absolutely – our chefs are blown away by the amazing variation in flavours between oyster regions. The size varies a lot between regions too. Every single one of our farmers leaves his signature mark by the way he cultivates his oysters. I think that’s one of the most exciting things about Signature Oysters – we can deliver a incredibly diverse range of oysters direct to the one restaurant.

How does Signature Oysters provide chefs and oyster lovers with information about the provenance and origin of the products?
Every farmer packs a customised flyer into every delivery of oysters sent out to restaurants. The flyers tell the story of the farmer and describe the characteristics of the oysters. We also have a great website showcasing all our farmers’ profiles. Check it out here.

How do chefs begin sourcing Australia’s best quality oysters fresh from the farm?
If you want to get on board just send use an email at or give our Business Development Manager, Matt Wassnig, a call on 1300 792 750.

Do you have an oyster tip for us?
Perhaps it goes without saying – but the only way to have an oyster is freshly opened and un-rinsed. Australia’s oysters are world class and they deserve to be eaten freshly opened.

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