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  1. Tunstead Rock Oyster vs Live Newcastle Red Sea Urchin by Josh Niland at Saint Peter’s in Paddington, Sydney.

    David Tunstead grows a mean oyster, and chef extraordinaire Josh Niland from Sydney’s Saint Peter might just be his biggest fan. Paired back, freshly shucked of course, with a live Newcastle Red Sea Urchin, not just looks cool as hell but it’s a treat for the tastebuds.

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Insta: @mrniland @saintpeterpaddo

  1. Ewan McAsh oysters poached in Wagyu fat, smoked marrow foam, bresaola and leek ash by hatted chef Dylan Kemp at The Dutchess Melbourne.

    Dylan Kemp, we salute you. Clyde River Rock Oysters by Ewan McAsh.

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Insta: @dylan_kemp_chef @dutchessmelbourne

  1. Nathaneal Dodt Blue Moon Pacific Oysters with seawater jelly and Chantilly by French chef extraordinaire Philippe Mouchel at Philippe in Melbourne.

    Nathaneal’s Great Bay Bruney Island oysters are known their unique flavour from the cold, nutrient-rich currents that flow up from the Antarctic. Add seawater jelly, bay leaves and Chantilly and it’s a match made in foodie heaven.

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Insta: @pmouchel @philippe_restaurantmelb

  1. Steamed Bruny Island Pacifics with ginger and spring onions by the talented Victor Liong at Lee Ho Fook in Melbourne.

    Multi-taskers, these delicious Blue Moon pacifics by Nathaneal Dodt! Perfect for a chilly Melbourne winters night with a glass of red wine, these steamed oysters by Victor are a culinary delight.

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Insta: @leehofook

5. Josephine Perry of Missy French pushing the boundaries with mignonette and lemon sorbet on fresh oysters on ice.

Tangy, sweet, summer deliciousness.

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Insta: @rens023 @josephineperry

Which unexpected dish are you most looking forward to trying?

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