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Technology is changing the way we eat. We’re sharing our experiences more than ever through Apps – and it’s not just with a hashtag on Instagram. Whether it be seeking counsel picking a new place for a cheeky post-work drink or sharing our cooking playlist with family members who are on the other side of the country while you prepare dinner together, creative apps are bringing us together. While the abundance of Apps can be overwhelming, here’s our rundown of 7 of the newest, best and our personal favourite foodie apps to try this year. Bon APP-etit!


1. FOR THE WORLD TRAVELLER FOODIE : Foursquare – Looking for a quick, easy guide for finding oysters (or any cuisine, really) in a new town? Foursquare is it. It’s perfect for holiday locations as it’s 75 million tips on where to go from local experts all around the world.


2. FOR THE ULTIMATE INSIDER : ChefsFeed – Looking for recommendations by those in the know? Chefs review their own personal favourite dishes in this ap, with some of the hottest chefs world-wide jumping on board, including Sam DeMarco from The Merrywell in Melbourne. The only bad thing – it’s currently focused for the US market, but we’re hanging out for full Aussie version.


3. FOR THE FOOD BLOGGER IN ALL OF US : Good Food Guide – We love an Aussie specific guide, and while the basic ap is free, we couldn’t resist the $9.99 to access all the premium content, like reviews from famed critics on everything from your local Vietnamese spring rolls to the finest hatted restaurants in town.


4. FOR THE TRENDY FOODIES : UberEats – Home delivery of restaurant quality food at your fingertips. Currently only offered in Sydney and Melbourne, we hope this uber-takeaway service expands in the new year.


5. FOR YOUR INNER MASTERCHEF : Yummly – New Year’s resolution to cook more? This recipe and shipping list ap is perfect for when your inspiration takes hold! It’s got over a million recipes, tutorials and videos to help you make your perfect dish, and has a filter to tend to your every food need.


6. FOR THE FOOD PORN LOVER : FoodGawker – If you love Instagram for the purpose of viewing delectable looking dishes, FoodGawker is for you. It’s a perfect way to get inspiration and has over 330,000 recipes as well for when you’re feeing inspired!


7. FOR YOUR COOK-OFF PLAYLIST : BlueJay Music – We love a cooking playlist almost as much as a freshly shucked oyster, and this new ap lets you host your own radio station from your pocket and share it with your friends. Nothing like throwing shapes to a custom playlist for the ultimate kitchen cook-off!

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