Signature Oysters is the leading hub for high quality oysters in Australia. In everything we do, we believe in supporting Aussie farmers to produce amazing oysters for you. With emphasis on quality, provenance and high quality produce, we aim to deliver a better oyster experience to oyster lovers as well as better prices and profitability back to farmers.

Hand picked by farmer and founder Ewan McAsh, every one of our farmers leaves their signature mark by the way they cultivate their oysters. You will be blown away by the amazing variation in flavours between oyster regions and species. We are your connection to Australia’s best and most diverse range of oysters.

EWAN MCASH – Director & Farmer

My life as a modern oyster farmer is not just about growing great oysters; it’s also about delivering a product you can rave about.

As a marine scientist, farmer and director of Signature Oysters, my passion is using modern technology and innovation to balance sustainability and supply while providing an unforgettable experience.


Mark has built his career on the idea that environmental issues are important to investment outcomes. In the early 90’s, Mark and a partner designed a rating system to assess the environmental performance of businesses in order to develop investment funds. In 1999 they established an investment business in Australia based on a  broader environmental, social and governance rating system. In 2005 Mark and his family moved to London where he helped establish Generation Investment Management. Mark remains a partner of the firm, which pioneered what is known today as sustainable investing.  In his role as Chairman of Signature Oysters he is proud to be associated with the provision of premium oysters, one of the few truly sustainable forms of aquaculture.

Mark is also Chairman of the Friends of Australian Wildlife Conservancy based in the UK.


Finance and business process development is led by the more numbers oriented Geoff. After spending 15 years in the midst of the financial services sector in Sydney and London, Geoff is now a business manager and entrepreneur. He is actively involved in a range of businesses from textiles to property to sustainable oyster farming.

Signature, for me, embodies a passion for quality, freshness, regional diversity, sustainability and Australian farmers. More people could use the opportunity to celebrate with our superb oysters.