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Every year the Australian Financial Review publishes a much-anticipated list of Australia’s top 100 restaurants. This year eight of the top 100 restaurants in Australia are restaurants we love.

A quick Google search will bring up a number of similar lists, but it is the AFR’s official list that is both the most respected and the most comprehensive. It is compiled each year based on votes by the nation’s top chefs and restaurateurs – not by paid third parties. We are very proud that eight of our restaurants made this prestigious list, and we are excited to get our beautiful oysters into many more restaurants as we continue to expand into the Melbourne market.

We’d like to extend our heartiest congratulations the following restaurants that are among the top 100 in the nation:

Cumulus Inc.
Melbourne’s trendy Cumulus Inc. was named the seventh top restaurant in Australia by AFR. Hidden amongst Melbourne’s crowded laneways, Cumulus Inc. is open seven days a week for breakfast lunch and dinner. When you order oysters at Cumulus Inc. you can expect them to be freshly shucked just for you. Congratulations Cumulus Inc.!

Saint Crispin
Our congratulations to Saint Crispin, which is number 22 on the AFR list this year. The restaurant’s menu changes regularly according to the produce that is fresh and in season. Chefs, Joe Grbac and Scott Pickett, combine traditional culinary practices with a classical approach to provide a contemporary and affordable menu.

Melbourne’s Supernormal proves it is anything but normal, landing the 24th spot on the AFR list. The Asian-inspired menu, carefully curated by famous Chef-Restauranteur Andrew McConnell, is served in a simple but stunning, Japanese style dining room. At Supernormal oysters can be paired with delicious wine, sake, whiskey or cocktails.

Rockpool Bar & Grill
Melbourne’s famous Rockpool Bar & Grill is number 42 on the AFR list. This world-class restaurant, located in Southbank, is dedicated to promoting sustainable produce and ethical business approaches. The Rockpool Group boasts three restaurants on the AFR top 100 list. This year it holds its position as Australia’s most awarded restaurant group.

Coda lives up to its award-winning reputation by making it to number 43 on the list. With a minimalist design and located in Flinders Lane, Coda offers an eclectic menu and a reputable team of chefs and floor staff. Well done Coda!

Pei Modern
Pei Modern, Melbourne, is number 54 on the list. With its focus on fresh and seasonal produce, it’s no surprise Pei Modern is one of the best restaurants in Australia. Having recently opened another restaurant in Sydney, we are sure that the new location will stay true to the restaurant’s award winning reputation.

Grossi Florentino
Grossi Florentino is number 70 in the top 100 restaurants in Australia. Located in Melbourne’s CBD, this restaurant offers three different dining experiences, catering for all tastes and budgets – The Grill, The Cellar Bar and Upstairs. We love this iconic restaurant. 

The European
Congratulations to The European for making it to number 80 on AFR’s list. Reminiscent of old-world Europe, this restaurant offers a simple menu that combines Spanish, Italian, Austrian, Greek and French. We congratulate The European on this impressive achievement!

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