Being breeders and growers, the product is 100% Cameron and they stand by it. Cameron of Tasmania is truly a family run operation. Ben starts his day by visiting the hatchery to do some microbiology with his uncle, to monitor the development of the juvenile spat they are raising. By selectively breeding oysters and hand rearing them through to market, they have full control over the quality of the product.

What gets Ben up in the morning is getting to work out on the water alongside some amazing nature, including whales, dolphins & eagles. The two bays in which their oyster leases are located neighbour some historic towns dating back to colonial times. The isolation of the area has meant that the environment has remained largely untouched.

Ben values being able to work with his family everyday to create a product they are proud of.
They want word of mouth to sell their oysters because people remember how fantastic they taste.

View Ben’s bio here.

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