Carl ‘Sully’ Sullivan

Carl is a fourth generation oyster farmer. He first did a trade as a carpenter, but loved the lifestyle of oyster farming so decided to help manage his Dad’s business.

Carl feels the key to us growing good oysters is the area where we are. His family have leases in Smoky Bay where currents wrap around two islands to create an area of very high water flow. The leases close to the beach can get surf conditions in times of high wind. It beats the oysters up to make them tough and hard with a really nice deep, thick shell. The high salinity current coming in from the Southern Ocean gives Top Shelf Oysters’ a salty pop at the end of their meat taste.

Carl loves motorbikes, fishing and a general outdoors lifestyle. Most of the people that work for him are the same. When they’re not working on the water they are at the beach anyway!

View Carl’s bio here.

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