Horse Island Oysters

Craig has always worked in agriculture and horticulture because he enjoys growing things. The challenge of growing a product in water intrigued him, so four years ago he began bringing an old closed down oyster farm back to life.

Craig has been working hard to replace old tray and stick culture infrastructure with updated materials for the modern style of oyster farming. He admits that he is still learning about farming techniques, but whatever he is doing seems to be working well because he is getting great results! He says it helps that the Tuross River is fed by a large catchment of State Forest and National Park that provides the oysters with plenty of nutrition.
What draws Craig back each day is the satisfaction of taking a single seed oyster and seeing it grow into a delicious product. When someone cracks open one of his oysters and says, “oh this is beautiful”, it gives him the motivation to keep going!

View Craig’s bio here.

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