Stirling used to manage livestock stations where the closest ocean was a thousand kilometres away. He saw Aquaculture as the next big thing in farming. He believes that the bulk of the world’s protein is going to one-day come from the ocean.

Stirling thinks having an office out on the water is perfect! He is a one-man show, which means that he needs to be efficient by making use of technology. The turning point in his farm’s success was converting his infrastructure to raise oysters in floating bags. He says it is less labour intensive and produces a clean oyster with good meat to shell ratio.

Marketing is a big focus for Stirling going forward. He wants to maximise the value of his product by offering premium quality oysters to our high-end domestic market and explore export opportunities. For him it’s important that people realise a large oyster isn’t necessarily a great oyster!

View Stirling’s bio here.


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