Looking for a year-round supply of the highest-quality fresh oysters? Get in touch or place an order.

Signature Oysters is changing the way oysters are marketed in Australia. With emphasis on quality, provenance and promotion, we deliver a better oyster experience to end users as well as better prices and profitability back to farmers.

Signature Oysters is a company owned by a collaboration of farmers and promoters combining to provide restaurants and retailers with Australia’s highest quality live oysters; available at any given time of year, delivered direct from the farm Australia wide.

We have and will continue to recruit Australia’s best farmers from all regions to supply restaurants and retailers with a regionally diverse range of taste profiles.

Signature Oysters places great emphasis on the provenance of the product. We employ the Royal Agriculture Society oyster judging standards to benchmark quality and ensure we build an oyster company renowned for exceptional standards.

We look forward to discussing your involvement in our program.