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Food can be fickle business! From foraging for your dinner to elaborate pastries and eastern-inspired green tea lattes, we’ve got a run down of this years unexpected trends to get your taste buds salivating.


1. Foraging for Food. The raging success of Ben Shewry’s Attica taught us all the value in foraging for your supper last year, and the trend will continue in 2017. It’s all part of a wider movement to head back to a primal connection between us and the food we are eating, and knowing where it came from.


2. Game, set, matcha. Between green matcha lattes and activated charcoal ice cream… Just when we think we’ve heard it all, something new pops up! The benefits of matcha and charcoal long have their basis in Eastern medicines, so stay tuned for charcoal infused burger buns coming to a cafe near you.


3. Mmmm, donuts. We’re not sure if the current obsession with little round things is more about delicious, moorish taste or simply Instagramworthy desserts, but either way, they’ve somehow become a must-have. Another big trend in desserts involves delicious, artisan cheeses – which we couldn’t Brie more happy about.


4. L’addition, s’il vous plait. Noticed French restaurants having an incroyable resurgence lately? Us too. From the culinary delight that is Philippe Mouchel’s Philippe in Melbourne to Hubert’s divinely moody atmosphere in a Sydney cellar, it’s croissants and berets all the way, bebe.


5. The death of fine dining. While it seems we seek ever more luxury (polished marble phone cases, anyone?!) the trend in dining is away from white linen to a more casual affair. The closure of our beloved Marquee (sheds a tear) signifies the trend to shared tapas and gourmet takeaway. Casual eats are here to stay and the Deliveroo drivers are peddling flat out.


6. #PaddockToPlate. This trend of authenticity in food production is continuing, and we love it! Nothing like shunning Goliath in favour of David’s simple farm to table produce for fresh, nutrient rich dishes full of flavour. #RiverToRestuarant all the way to the oyster bar!


7. #Superfood. Safe to say this trend is not going anywhere as quinoa becomes a menu staple – but packed full of Omega 3, 99% fat free and with zinc, selenium and magnesium for days, we’d like to add oysters to the list! #OystersForSuperfoodStatus.


8. #Organic. This movement isn’t going anywhere and when McDonalds starts offering organic delights you know it’s a mainstream thing. Grouped into the list of health conscious food trends, we love that being more informed about our food is leading to healthier choices!


Which food trends are you looking forward to trying this year?

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