Care Guide for Live Oysters

Sydney Rocks

These tough oysters last up to two weeks out of water from the time of harvest in proper storage, unshucked/unopened.
Storage: They can be kept in their box and stored in a cool spot in your home, like an air-conditioned room, the pantry or the laundry.
As long as they are stored between 10-20 degrees, they should be fine. Once they are received and placed in a cooler spot, they should not be exposed back to warmer temperatures, but kept consistent.
Placing unshucked Sydney rocks directly on ice for an extended amount of time is not recommended whilst they are alive and done only after they are shucked.

Pacific Oysters

The Pacifics like it colder on the other hand and last for about a week out of water, from the time of harvest when unshucked. This can change depending on their travel time to get to you and conditions.

Storage: They are best kept between 5-10 degrees.
They are happy in the box they come in as well but we recommend keeping them in a consistent temperature. Once you pop them in the fridge, they should be kept there until ready to shuck. Place on ice once shucked.


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