Care Instructions for Live Oysters

Sydney Rocks

These tough oysters last up to two weeks from the time of harvest in proper storage, unshucked/unopened.
They can be kept in their box and stored in a cool spot in your home, like the pantry or laundry. You may also pop them in a warmer part of the fridge, like the vegetable crisper if you do choose to chill them.
As long as it is between 10-15 degrees, they should be fine.

There’s no need for alarm if they get a bit of warmth when you receive them.
It’s quite natural in their own habitat to get a bit of sun as they sit there waiting for the tide to come back in!



Pacific Oysters

The Pacifics like to be stored colder on the other hand and last for about a week out water, from the time of harvest when unshucked. They are best kept between 5-10 degrees.
They are happy in the box they come in as well but we recommend keeping them in a consistent temperature. Once you pop them in the fridge, they should be kept there until ready to shuck. 


For all oysters:

A thing to note is that all of our oysters are harvested and shipped straight from our farm on the same day and being live animals, do not like to travel refrigerated. Getting them cold too much is simply unlike what they're used to their natural habitat in the water.
We pack them in our special insulated and  recyclable Signature boxes to protect them during transit.  So once used, just break the box down and chuck in your recycle bin. 
Once shucked oysters, we highly recommend consuming right after shucking or freezing shucked oysters properly for later.
If shucking and refrigerating, they should be stored in a container or covered with plastic wrap and will last 2 days maximum from shucking time.
When you receive your box, open it up and you may sprinkle some water on the hessian liner and leave a little open so air can come in and cool the oysters.