Care Instructions for Live Oysters

Sydney Rocks

These tough oysters last up to two weeks out of water from the time of harvest in proper storage, unshucked/unopened.
They can be kept in their box and stored in a cool spot in your home, like the pantry or an air-conditioned room. You may also pop them in the warmest part of the fridge, like the vegetable crisper if you do choose to chill them.
As long as they are stored between 10-20 degrees, they should be fine.

There’s no need for alarm if they get a bit of warmth when you receive them.
It’s quite natural in their own habitat to get full sunlight as they sit there waiting for the tide to come back in!



Pacific Oysters

The Pacifics like to be stored colder on the other hand and last for about a week out of water, from the time of harvest when unshucked. They are best kept between 5-10 degrees.
They are happy in the box they come in as well but we recommend keeping them in a consistent temperature. Once you pop them in the fridge, they should be kept there until ready to shuck. 






Do you deliver?

Yes, we certainly do! Shipping is on us too!
Just check out our DELIVERY page to learn more about our courier's estimated transit times to different parts of Australia.
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How long till my order gets here?

We have provided delivery ETAs based on our courier's estimated transit times for different parts of Australia on our DELIVERY page.

Please keep in mind that the courier only provides an estimated arrival for all parcels. As with most couriers, the precise arrival of your delivery cannot really be guaranteed as their driver's schedule is always changing on the road and is out of our control.

We are happy to note your request for a delivery day you had in mind however we are not able to guarantee delivery on the exact day you requested. Simply select a date on our calendar date picker before checkout and we will note this for you. Kindly note the calendar functions only as a date picker and does not guarantee or book your delivery.

If you are having issues placing a date or finding our calendar, please use a different browser when checking out.

  • Please note that for remote locations, it may take longer for the courier to deliver. Parcels to regional addresses have to be forwarded through several depots in their network, before getting to your local postie.
  • For interstate and remote orders, it is important to track the parcel closely. Please make sure that you have arranged for someone to take the parcel indoors for you as soon as it arrives at your residence if you are not around.
  • It will be your responsibility to track your parcel closely and make sure someone is home to receive your parcel if you are unable to do so as we are unable to control where the postie decides to leave your parcel at your residence or if they choose to leave a card for pickup instead.
  • We cannot be held liable for missing, mishandled, stolen or damaged boxes or boxes that are placed in unshaded areas of your property. Once your order leaves our farm and is handed to the courier, the shipment is beyond our control.
  • Please plan accordingly for time-sensitive orders by preparing in the event of delays, ordering oysters good for travelling longer distances (Sydney Rocks) or using gift vouchers instead. We highly recommend ordering the Sydney Rocks well in advance, especially for events as they last up to two weeks out of water from harvest.
  • We will authorise the parcels to be left at a safe place unless you inform us to do otherwise. However, please prepare to pick up orders from a depot/post office should the postie decide your box will be unsafe to leave at your address.
  • Once the box is dispatched, it is simply out of our hands and we have no control over any inevitable delays or changes to the courier's delivery schedules and therefore delivery cannot be altered, cancelled or expedited. Signature Oysters cannot be held liable for orders arriving later than expected due to delays, damaged or lost parcels.
  • For lost parcels, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist in working with the courier to investigate the issue.
  • Our guarantee goes beyond our fresh oysters. In the rare occurrence that the courier has confirmed the status of your parcel to be lost, at our discretion, we are happy to help organise either sending a replacement for you or a gift voucher.
  • Please read the Delivery page, FAQ and product descriptions before ordering. Orders due to change of mind and are non-amendable, cannot be cancelled but can be converted to gift voucher free of charge.
  • Please allow up to 24-48 hours before tracking (interstate and regional locations.)

How much is shipping?

We proudly provide Australia-wide FREE SHIPPING. We dispatch oysters straight from our farm to your door, harvested on the same day and packed carefully by hand so they're guaranteed sent fresh as.

My oysters arrived warm, what do I do?

All of our oysters are shipped straight after harvesting. Being live animals, they do not like to travel refrigerated. Freezing temperatures are simply unlike what they're used to in the wild.
In some instances, our couriers may place your box at what they deem the safest place in your property which may not be under shade.
There is no need for panic, it’s quite natural in their own habitat to sit in the sun for days, just waiting for the tide to come back in!
We pack your oysters in our special insulated and recyclable Signature boxes to protect them. So once used, just break the box down and chuck in your recycle bin.
Once you receive your box, just open it up and sprinkle some water on the hessian liner and leave a little open so air can come in and cool the oysters. Remember to keep temperatures steady and consistent once you store them. We've included a sticker on your box as a general guide for storage.

Some of my oysters are already open...

Oysters are curious animals. They may pop open every so often to have a look around and wonder when the tide is coming back in, as they may normally do in the wild.  There are times they may even drop water and get the box wet.
Just look out for those naughty oysters that have remained open. When you open your box, pick out those that are still open and chuck straight in the bin. We always throw in a few extra oysters in every single box just in case this happens.
After discarding said oysters, you can consume the rest that's still closed and looking happy, or place in storage.
Just like you and me, every oyster is different. It is always a good idea to have a look at your oyster after shucking. A quick sniff or two won't hurt either. After all that hard work shucking a good lookin' oyster, you should be rewarded with that plump, juicy, healthy-looking meat, with a glistening sheen to it. Yum! 

I've shucked some more, now what?

We strongly suggest consuming oysters right after shucking which is when they'd taste the best.
Freezing shucked oysters properly for later is possible if absolutely necessary. However, it is known to affect texture and taste.
If shucking then refrigerating, they should be stored in a container or covered with plastic wrap in the fridge for a maximum of 24-48 hours from shucking time.

The oysters have a funny smell...

We totally get your concern. But this is no cause for alarm.

One of the culprits could be that pesky oyster from before that's remained open. Just discard that naughty oyster in the bin. It helps to wash the rest that have remained closed, then potentially store in your own clean container. 

If the rest of your closed oysters taste good but still smell funny, it is likely caused by the barnacles and tiny baby oysters on the outside of the shell. We pride ourselves on keeping what's called "the catch" off the oyster shell or at least down to a minimum...however with the rain and closures, at times, the catch may still be there every now and then.

Do you deliver shucked oysters?

Here are at our farm, we only send fresh and live oysters, unshucked and still kickin'!

You will find a couple of our helpful instructional videos on our social media pages to get you started on Shucking 101.

Contrary to popular belief, it's actually not that hard. Just some practice and you'll officially be a shucking master in no time.

Just grab an oyster knife, wrap a tea towel around your precious oyster, and shuck away!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We sure do! Order now and we'll send them to you via email in 24-48 hours from purchase. Ready for gifting to your mates on any holiday!