Why are there no oysters on the website?

Once a month, oysters will be added to the website, to allow Signature Oyster Club members to purchase. An email will be sent out with ordering and delivery dates.

Once orders have closed for the month, oysters are removed from the website again until the next delivery date has been chosen, and oysters are ready to harvest.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we certainly do! Shipping is on us too!

Just check out our DELIVERY page to learn more.

Non-oyster orders incur a standard postage fee which will be generated upon Checkout. 

How long till my order gets here?

With the oyster club we will be delivering the oysters once a month to your location. The date will be specified in the email confirmation.  

Please keep in mind that the courier only provides an estimated arrival for all parcels. As with most couriers, the precise arrival of your delivery cannot be guaranteed as their driver's schedule is always changing on the road and is out of our control.


Please check our Delivery page for further information on Interstate/Regional areas.
Please check product descriptions before ordering. Orders are non-amendable and cannot be cancelled or returned due to change of mind or delays but can be rescheduled or converted to gift vouchers prior to shipping.

Where is my order?

We authorise all parcels to be left at a safe place unless you inform us to do otherwise. However, please prepare to pick up orders from the couriers/at a courier designated location should the postie decide your box will be unsafe to leave at your address.
Once the box is dispatched, leaves our farm and is handed to the courier, we have no control over any inevitable delays or changes to the courier's delivery schedules and therefore deliveries cannot be altered, cancelled, guaranteed or expedited. Signature Oysters are not held liable for orders arriving later than expected due to delays, damaged or lost parcels.

Remote locations and deliveries to WA, QLD, Regional VIC, SA and NT can be subject to additional delays which are out of our control so please bear with us. The couriers provide an ETA but again we sadly cannot guarantee precise date or time of delivery.

We cannot be held liable for missing, mishandled, delayed, stolen or damaged boxes or boxes placed in unshaded areas of your property.
For lost parcels, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist in working with the courier to investigate the issue.

Please allow up to 24-48 hours before tracking (interstate and regional locations.)

My oysters arrived warm, what do I do?

All of our oysters are freshly harvested and shipped on the same day. Being live animals, they do not like to travel refrigerated as freezing temperatures are simply unlike what they're used to in the wild. 
In some instances, our couriers may place your box at what they deem the safest place in your property which may not be under shade.
There is no need for panic, it’s quite natural in their own habitat to sit in the sun for days, just waiting for the tide to come back in!
We pack your oysters in our special insulated and recyclable Signature boxes designed to protect them. 
Once you receive your box, just open it up and sprinkle some water on the hessian liner and leave it a little open so air can come in and cool the oysters.
We've included a sticker on your box as a general guide for storage.

Some of my oysters are already open...

Oysters are curious creatures. They may pop open every so often to have a look around and wonder when the tide is coming back in as they normally do on the riverIf they don't close back up in their shells after a tap on the shell, pick out those naughty oysters that remained open and chuck in the bin. We throw in a few extra oysters in every box just in case this happens.
After discarding said oysters, you can consume the rest that are still closed and looking happy, or place in storage.
Just like you and me, every oyster is different. It is always a good idea to have a look at your oyster prior to serving. After all that hard work shucking a good lookin' oyster, you should be rewarded with that plump, juicy, healthy-looking meat, with a glistening sheen to it. Yum! 

I've shucked some more, now what?

We strongly suggest consuming oysters right after shucking which is when they'd taste the best.
Freezing shucked oysters properly for later is possible if absolutely necessary. However, it is known to affect texture and taste.

The oysters have a funny smell...

We totally get your concern. But this is no cause for alarm. One of the culprits could be that pesky oyster from before that's remained open It helps to wash the rest that have remained closed, then potentially store in your own clean container and let them air out in storage for a bit. If you shuck the rest of your closed oysters and they look as usual but still smell funny, it is likely caused by the barnacles and tiny baby oysters on the outside of the shell  

Do you deliver shucked oysters?

Here are at our farm, we only send fresh and live oysters, unshucked and still kickin'!
If you're worried about shucking checkout youtube for some quick videos. With some practice and you'll officially be a shucking master in no time!!

Why are my oysters not as plump?

You may find that plumpness of oysters will vary throughout the year as the Sydney Rock oysters release their spawn as part of their natural life cycle. Being live products, no two oysters are the same and they will vary in shape, taste and appearance from time to time but does not affect quality.

Do you have gift vouchers?

We sure do! Order now and we'll send them to you via email in 24-48 hours from purchase. Ready for gifting to your mates on any holiday!